Recruitment Rules

The Rules of Recruitment

There shall be no attention paid to the entertaining of, spending money on, or otherwise influencing of a prospective potential new member. As stated in the NPC unanimous agreements, the use of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited during any period of recruitment and bid day activities. As stated in the NPC unanimous agreements, NPC women are prohibited from participating in men's recruitment. We highly recommend that you, as a PNM, avoid any sort of recruitment event held by any IFC Fraternity whether that is during or before Formal Recruitment.
Membership Requirements: Students must be enrolled at TCU for a minimum of twelve semester hours.Transfer and continuing students enrolled for at least twelve semester hours with a minimum 2.25 GPA for their semester are eligible.
*Note: Some chapter academic standards are higher than TCU's and require 2.75 and above.

Students on academic probation or disciplinary probation are not eligible.

Potential new members shall not go to the Worth Hills area *An exception will be made for Worth Hills residents.

Potential new members must, if invited, attend the maximum number of events held during each of these periods. If after accepting an invitation to a formal recruitment process event, a potential new member finds it impossible to attend, she must notify her Rho Gamma.

Panhellenic name-tags must be worn by all potential new members during the recruitment period. A tag issued by Panhellenic with the designation "Go Greek" must be worn by potential new members at all other times during the Formal Recruitment Process.

All potential new members shall wear the Panhellenic Formal Recruitment T-shirt (provided by Panhellenic) during the first and second round events along with casual shorts.