Recruitment 2017


Registration for TCU Panhellenic Recruitment will be available May 15, 2017. 

(Please Note: Final Transcripts need to be sent in before one can register!)

(Please Note: Women cannot do Recruitment if they are enrolled in Orientation 10 or Frog Camp 7, Summit. This is due to overlap of time)


(Please Note: no refunds given)

Early Bird Registration (May 15 - June 15): $115 

Regular Registration (June 16 - July 15): $130

Late Regular Fee (July 16 - August 12 at 10 am): $150

*You must have a copy of your final transcript for registration. Some high schools do not have final transcripts until after graduation. This should not affect pricing of the registration fee for early June graduates as the fee does not increase until June 16th.  

Chapter Financial Commitments

New Member dues range: $670 - $1,400

Active Member dues range: $441.81 - $737

Recruitment 2017 Contact Us

Recruitment Parent Hotline: (817) 757-6972

Recruitment PNM Hotline: (817) 757-6973