General Information

General Information 

Whether you are familiar with sorority life or you're confused by all those crazy-looking letters, we've provided some information below about Panhellenic life in general and recruitment specifically. We believe this is all helpful information for anyone interested in TCU Panhellenic. Also, you can look at the document below for some common terms you may hear in sorority life.

Sorority Life

Panhellenic Council is the governing body over the thirteen Panhellenic chapters at TCU. To learn more about the chapters on our campus, please visit the Organizations section of our website. Membership in a Panhellenic sorority means that you're a part of a values-based organization, in which membership lasts a lifetime.  In addition to Panhellenic, TCU offers sorority membership in our Multicultural Greek Council and National Pan-Hellenic Council, as well as a faith-based sorority.

    • Being in a sorority is a commitment. For information on the financial commitment, please visit the Finances link above. To find out about time commitments, ask members during recruitment what their time management is like. Typically, executive members or other officers can expect to devote more time to their sorority than general members, so that commitment could vary. For general members, there is a chapter meeting each week and usually one other event, whether it's a philanthropy, social, or sisterhood event.
    • Athletes are especially concerned about their time commitment. Sororities don't exclude athletes from membership, but it is a time commitment, so athletes should discuss membership with their coach and be upfront with their sorority about practices and other schedule conflicts.

 Formal Recruitment      

  • To participate in recruitment, Potential New Members (PNMs) must have a 2.25 GPA and be enrolled in at least 12 semester hours. However, chapters are usually looking for strong grades, so keep academics at the top of your priority list!

 Here are some Recruitment week basics. Recruitment week is a series of events over the course of six days, with the sixth day on Friday, a break on Saturday, and Bid Day on Sunday. The Attire section of this webpage will show you pictures and give you info on how to dress each day.

    • Round 1 is Scholarship Round and split up into two days. On this round PNMs will visit all 13 of our chapters over the course of two days. PNMs should expect to be greeted with loud singing and clapping. During the events, PNMs will have an opportunity to speak with several different members. Events on this day are 20 minutes each.
    • Round 2 is Philanthropy Round and split into two days. PNMs will visit up to 10 chapters. PNMs should expect a presentation about each chapter's philanthropy. PNMs will again have the opportunity to speak with different members. Events on this day are 30 minutes.
    • Round 3 is Leadership Round, when PNMs will visit up to 7 chapters. On this day, PNM's will hear all about the chapters' leadership, whether that be within the chapter or involvement on campus. Chapter will be able to showcase their leadership in creative ways such as a video, song and dance, or slideshow. PNMs should expect to talk to several chapter members and hear all about their involvement on campus and within their sorority!
    • Round 4 is Preference Round, when PNMs will visit up to 3 chapters. Preference is typically the most serious day, when chapter members perform a short ceremony to give PNMs a deeper look into the meaning of their sisterhood. On Preference Day, PNMs will often speak to members they've already connected with earlier in the week.
    • It is a huge myth that many women don't receive a bid! Each year, a small handful of women are released from the process, but that is out of over 1,000 PNMs. Also, about 85% of PNMs that participate in formal recruitment join our Panhellenic community. 
    • Panhellenic recruitment is a mutual selection process. That means that throughout the week, both PNMs and chapters will narrow down their options to make one match at the end of the week. This is a mutual process, meaning each day PNMs get to indicate their Chapter preferences, while Chapters indicate their preferences for which PNMs they get to see the next day. This can sometimes lead to disappointments when a PNM isn't invited back, which is why the best advice is to keep an open mind to all 13 of our amazing chapters.
  • What about food and water? Each day of recruitment, PNMs will have ample time to eat using their TCU meal plan. There are also water coolers outside each chapter. It's hot, please stay hydrated!
  • Upperclass and transfer students in recruitment: YES! Upperclass women and transfer students can participate (provided they meet eligibility requirements listed above). They register for formal recruitment online like everyone else! For women who have either pledged or been initiated into one of our sororities on another campus and wish to affiliate with our TCU chapter, please contact the chapter directly.
  • Legacies are PNMs who are (usually) daughters, sisters, or granddaughters of alumna or active members. Each chapter has a different way of handling legacies. Being a legacy does NOT guarantee membership with that group, nor does it mean a PNM should feel pressured to join that sorority. Oftentimes, a chapter will have more legacies participating in recruitment than they have spots available.
  • For any questions related to recommendations, addresses for recommendations, or Alumnae Panhellenic groups, please visit the Recommendations link above.

 Bid Day/New Members/Calendar of Events  

  • We are often asked if parents and families should attend Bid Day and we typically caution against this simply because the new members are so busy being in celebration with their new chapters that they do not have time to see their families for more than a minute or two, if at all. Plus, with roughly 3,000 women in the Panhellenic community, it can be nearly impossible to spot your student. Furthermore, space is limited and it can be a challenge to accommodate excess spectators in addition to the few thousand sorority women.
  • On Bid Day, PNMs will receive their bid and head off to activities with their new member class (group of new members from one chapter). That will usually be a slumber party, bowling, dinner, or other fun activity. That will begin the new member period. Generally, the new member period lasts a few weeks and involves learning about the history of the sorority, getting to know the chapter, and participating in various activities- philanthropies, TCU activities, sisterhood events, etc.
  • On or shortly after Bid Day, the chapter should provide a new member calendar that includes important dates like Mom's Weekends, Homecoming, and Initiation. Please refer to the chapter after Bid Day for specifics on dates/times/locations.


  • The move-in time and date for women participating in 2017 Panhellenic Recruitment is August 12th, time is to be determined. All move-in times and information is coordinated by the TCU Office of Housing and Residence Life. Please contact that office for any questions specific to move-in. Their website is and they will be contacting you over the summer with information regarding the move-in process.
  • Many students want to know about living in the sorority house. Each chapter has different processes for determining who lives in the chapter facility. In general, officers and some sophomores will live in the house. First-year students are not allowed to live in fraternity/sorority houses. Please know that the number of women who can live in the house is 35 and the average chapter size is 237, so clearly not everyone lives in. Again, each chapter does it differently, so it's a good question to ask during recruitment!
  • Residents of fraternity/sorority houses will have an on-campus meal plan; there are no "house moms" or "in-house" dining plans.