Formal Recruitment Attire

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Day One/Day Two:  

Scholarship Round: Panhellenic t-shirt will be provided. Khaki shorts or other casual shorts are encouraged on this day. Please wear a shirt or tank-top that you can change out of.


Day Three:

Service Round: A Panhellenic tshirt will be provided. Casual shorts and flat shoes are recommended as well.

Day Four: 

Leadership Round: Round three is a bit dressier than the previous days. A nicer dress, dress slacks or nice skirt and blouse would all be appropriate. Heels or wedges are usually worn on this day as well. Due to the construction, flats are also recommended. 

Day Five: 

Sisterhood/ Preference Round: Cocktail dresses are recommended for Round Four. Formals or prom dresses are discouraged.



Day Six: 

Bid Day: Casual bottoms, comfortable shoes, and a plain white t-shirt (no writing or images) should be worn so that you can put on your new sorority shirt!

Round 1 attire
Round 3 attire
Pref Attire
Bid Day Attire